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Heartcore: Requiem in Samarra, Part One (Rough) :iconson-of-orochi:son-of-orochi 3 4
Something to Know it By by son-of-orochi Something to Know it By :iconson-of-orochi:son-of-orochi 0 0
Psychopomp 6
Humans are such fickle creatures, Joseph pondered to himself.  Always squabbling and fighting over petty matters, committing atrocities in the name of religion or political beliefs.  Making them happy is damn near impossible: one minute they'll be satisfied and the next they'll complain some more.  Nothing more than little parasites— at the rate they're going in regards to resource consumption, this planet will be dead by the next few decades.  It's a damn shame, too.  To watch something so young die far too early... I actually like this place.
Joseph wouldn't have bothered with these hairless apes if he had his way.  He bore witness to their savagery and irrational nature during the first few centuries; what was the point of keeping an eye on them when their primal nature remained unchanged in this new era?  Why watch over a young race whose motivations and desires did nothing but cause suffering
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Psychopomp 5
Alex jumped at the sound of the voice speaking to him.  This time it was no echo in his mind or a vocal delusion post death; someone was close by.  He scanned the Crossroads for any lurkers or stragglers in the grave sites but he couldn't see anyone.  Was he losing it now?  Maybe the stress of dying was finally getting to him and he was beginning to crack.  That was just damn fantastic news: Alex was now an insane ghost.  Just the way he wanted to go...
"You should learn to look behind you," the voice said again from the other side of the statue.  Alex slowly turned around and could see part of a polished shoe peeking from behind the Phantom's foundation.  He leaned to get a better view to be greeted with the sight of a man absent mindedly gazing at the marvel before him.  The stranger didn't seem to be much older than Alex and carried himself so formally; his mahogany hair was swept back save for
:iconson-of-orochi:son-of-orochi 0 7
An Encounter With Evil
I was chilling out with good friends Chris and Milo at the latter's house on Wednesday; our friend Thomas (whom we call Butters) swung by later to join in on a co-op game of Dead Island.  Around 9PM Milo said he wanted to check out this old baseball field at a closed down school; Chris and I naturally asked why.  Milo said that a few weeks ago, he and his pals Dustin and Stephen went to this field to look back on their childhoods... they got more than they bargained for.  Dustin said he felt something there, something that did not like their company (specifically his).  While he and Stephen had more experience than Milo (Stephen managed to see a shadow figure run by, and caught it on his cell phone's camera standing behind Milo once), Dustin felt this intent aimed at him when they left the field.  Milo decided that night he wanted to check it out again; Chris and I volunteered to come with Butters joining us reluctantly.
We first headed
:iconson-of-orochi:son-of-orochi 2 5
Psychopomp 4
What is it like to attend your own funeral?  What goes through your mind as you watch your body be laid to rest?  What regrets come to light knowing that your end has come?  These were only the tip of the iceberg of thoughts tempestuously bouncing around in Alex's mind as he continued to watch the procession.  The desperate hope that this was all just a horrific dream kept gnawing in his gut, a fleeting optimism that he'd wake up and be back at the house to enjoy the day.  He couldn't delude himself any further—he was dead.  There was nothing he or anyone could do to try and fix it.  False hopes would do nothing but cause him more pain at this point.  This was the end of the road for him.
It was unusually cool for a Tuesday afternoon with the funeral being held at the Crossroads, a small cemetery roughly a ten minute drive from Alex's neighborhood and the nearby business district.  What made
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Psychopomp 3
Tragedy falls on Apache Junction this Saturday morning as the latest victim of the "Ritual Killings" surfaced outside Jess' Creamery.
Alex Clinton, a police officer working with the AJ division, was found dead Saturday afternoon killed in a similar fashion like previous victims reported across the United States these past few weeks.  His body was found with multiple lacerations on his wrists and neck.  No witnesses have been found as of yet to identify the culprit.
Alex Clinton joined the Apache Junction police force at the age of twenty-two and fresh out of college.  An outstanding officer of the law, his service record includes numerous rewards and promotions.  He was due for a promotion into the special crimes division later this month.
"Alex was always friendly and understanding," explained Shane Murphy, a recent graduate from Apache Junction High School.  "He had this calm presence
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Psychopomp 2
"Crap, crap, CRAP," Alex muttered in his new panicked state.  There was no way that could have happened; it was just physically impossible.  As crazy as it had looked even he could not deny what he saw.  His hand—his own hand—passed through that stranger's shoulder like it was made of air.  The shock was almost too much for him as he erratically began trying to get his thoughts together and find a possible explanation of what just occurred.  This sort of thing was not a regular occurrence with people and their daily lives.  Nobody went around phasing through solid matter like it wasn't there and accepted it as normal.  Something eerie was going on and Alex was open to any answers.
This has to be some crazy dream, that's all.  When I wake up, I'll be in my house and find that I overslept as usual.  This is all just a crazy dream...  Alex slowly closed his eyes and calmed
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Psychopomp 1
Alex awoke and winced at the pain that afflicted his body, his brain numbed by a tingling sensation that blurred his vision.  It felt like he had been hit head on by a speeding bus and tossed several feet before crashing onto the ground.  By now he had expected to be greeted with the sight of doctors, nurses, IV tubes, monitors, and the general radiant white glow all hospital rooms were infamous for having.  He was a tad disappointed to see only the glare of the Arizona sun beating on his face, causing him to close his eyes.  At this time of the day the concrete would normally be burning his cheek but Alex couldn't feel the searing hot pain.  Not that it was necessarily a bad thing...
With some struggle Alex managed to lift himself off the ground as he began brushing off his clothes and rubbing his eyes to lift the fog in his gaze.  After some blinks he began looking around to see where he was and noticed the small building in
:iconson-of-orochi:son-of-orochi 2 4
Blackest Night Review
[My first comic review. Probably might fall along similar to my earlier movie reviews in October, but slightly different. Being my first comic review, feel free to leave suggestions on what to improve for future reviews, as well as the usual comments.]
Growing up, I was a fan of both Marvel and DC comics as a kid, having been attracted to its cache of characters. I enjoyed the serious heroes of DC, but at the time and for a while, I enjoyed the colorful cast Marvel offered. I still, however, had a soft spot for DC (Superman and Batman, folks. Every kid loved them).
It was back in May 2010, however, that something attracted me back into DC's mainstream. I picked up the final monthly issue of a DC publication called "Blackest Night". It was the ending, but that was enough to spark my curiosity and find the rest of the works; I managed to find the hardcover collection of "Blackest Night" in its entirety thanks to Suffice to say, I was not disappointed with what I read; it has
:iconson-of-orochi:son-of-orochi 0 0
Repo The Genetic Opera
[just like my previous review, this will be minimal to no spoilers. If needed, the famous spoiler tag will be applied.]
"Repo! The Genetic Opera" is a horror-opera, rock-musical directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, known for directing Saw II to Saw IV. I know for some, seeing those film names may cause them to stop reading this altogether, but do not fret-- unlike that cash cow of a movie franchise, this is different. For starters, this is actually a short film play that upgraded to theatrical version, with a script crafted by Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich (who plays a role in the film).
"Repo!" takes place in the year 2057, 27 years after a widespread pandemic of organ failures kills millions of people all over the globe. Rising from the ashes to save the world is GeneCo, a biotech company that begins selling organ transplants to the ailing population using a financial plans that makes organ replacements affordable. However, there is a catch-- failure to make a payment on said transpl
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Paranormal Activity 2 Review
[I will try to be as spoiler-free or use as minimal spoilers as possible throughout this review. Spoilers will be appropriate labeled with this annoying (SPOILER) caption.]
"Paranormal Activity 2" is the prequel/sequel to last year's highly grossing film "Paranormal Activity". Already starting the review off this way, I can just imagine viewers cringing in their seat over the idea of a horror film sequel, as those have a trend to be utter crap and suck; if it doesn't happen immediately, it starts showing up later on down the road (looking at you, SAW!). Fortunately for you, viewers, I am happy to say that this is not the case for this film.
For a brief recap of the first film if you didn't see it, "Paranormal Activity" is a film of the found footage genre of horror (i.e. no fancy Hollywood camera quality, the whole film's essentially shot via camcorder or something of similar value), and in some ways, it is a spiritual successor to "The Blair Witch Project", which popularized the found
:iconson-of-orochi:son-of-orochi 0 0
Darksiders Review
*With 2010 drawing to its inevitable conclusion, I figured I'd do a review of games I've managed to get my hands on during my available free time this year.  They won't necessarily be in chronological order from the months they were released-- I'm not Uncle Moneybags here.  These reviews mainly serve to address points easily glossed over by the main review sites and earn what I consider a score more justifiable than the biased ones of these sites.*
Game: Darksiders
Consoles: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Vigil Games
ESRB: Mature
January 5th was an interesting day to start off the gaming year of 2010.  It marked the release of Bayonetta, a title released from the newly formed Platinum Games under the guidance of Sega.  After building up so much hype since E3 2009 and learning that Kamiya was the director of the project, hordes of fans gathered for its midnight release at retailers everywhere.  It was a night where everyone
:iconson-of-orochi:son-of-orochi 0 0
Welcome Back, Mister Wayne
"Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne"
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artists: Chris Sprouse, Frazer Irving, Tankc Paquette, Georges Jeanty, Ryan Sook, Lee Garbett, Kari Story, Michel Lacombe, Waldon Wong, Mick Gray, Pere Perez, Alejandro Sicat
Colorists: Guy Major, Nathan Fairbairn, Tony Avina, Jese Villarrubia
Letterers: Jared K Fletcher, Travis Lanham
Cover Artist: Andy Kubert
**Batman created by Bob Kane**
Aside from Green Lantern and the other heroes witnessing the fallout of "Blackest Night" and "Brightest Day", Batman is perhaps the only comic book character to have the most interesting stories written this past year as well as 2011.  With Grant Morrison penning his latest escapades followed by a new costume design, many ponder a simple question: "How did Batman come back from the dead?"  Last time we saw Bruce was his apparent demise at the hands of Darkseid in Morrison's "Final Crisis", not to mention Black Lantern Batman appearing in "Blackest Night"; how did Batman
:iconson-of-orochi:son-of-orochi 0 2
Mortal Kombat
April 19th, 2011
PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
NetherRealm Studios
Rated M for Mature
Ahh, Mortal Kombat.  A unique entry of the fighting games released during the early '90s and the sole franchise responsible for the creation of the ESRB we all know and love (at least some of us do) today.  From a colorful cast of characters to the bloody violence that made parents cringe, this franchise has grown and thrived longer than hits like Street Fighter and Tekken.  After a disappointing run with 2009's "Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe", fans feared that the franchise forever faded away from their game libraries forever, until E3 2010 rolled in last June and revealed a surprise: the violent fighter was back and bringing in the retro layout.  Does this franchise thrive once again by going back to its roots?
Mortal Kombat's story begins with a dark turn of events: Armageddon has reached its end, and all
:iconson-of-orochi:son-of-orochi 2 0
Heartcore: Prologue Review
It's hard to find enjoyable web comics these days, aside from the big league names out there that anyone can name off the top of their head as a recommendation for casual reading.  Either the web comics currently out there either suffer from too much fan service, horrible characterization, a lackluster story, or bad art to turn some readers away.  When you do find something worth reading and witness its genesis, though, it's a feeling most readers find hard to describe as their curiosity is immediately hooked and they want to see how this new idea flourishes.  That was my dilemma back at the end of 2008 nearing the beginning of 2009; having already read popular web comics hitting the Internet, I was looking for something new to grab my curiosity but was having no luck in finding it.  That all changed, however, after spelunking through Deviant Art and coming across the genesis of a new web comic; a day I fondly remember two years later. 
:iconson-of-orochi:son-of-orochi 2 10


lithium flower by tlwelker lithium flower :icontlwelker:tlwelker 114 84 introducing:. nyx avarie! by tlwelker introducing:. nyx avarie! :icontlwelker:tlwelker 71 99 heartcore:. chp 02 page 71 by tlwelker heartcore:. chp 02 page 71 :icontlwelker:tlwelker 42 79 heartcore:. chp 02 page 70 by tlwelker heartcore:. chp 02 page 70 :icontlwelker:tlwelker 39 56 happy birthday amethyst! by tlwelker
Mature content
happy birthday amethyst! :icontlwelker:tlwelker 126 94
LYL: Heartcore by BlackAries LYL: Heartcore :iconblackaries:BlackAries 6 16 heartcore:. chp 02 page 69 by tlwelker heartcore:. chp 02 page 69 :icontlwelker:tlwelker 49 67 solemn stranger, shower of golden petals by tlwelker solemn stranger, shower of golden petals :icontlwelker:tlwelker 94 58 comm:. bottom heavy blueberry by tlwelker
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comm:. bottom heavy blueberry :icontlwelker:tlwelker 121 83
comm:. light in the deep red shadows by tlwelker comm:. light in the deep red shadows :icontlwelker:tlwelker 75 47 heartcore:. chp 02 page 67 by tlwelker heartcore:. chp 02 page 67 :icontlwelker:tlwelker 43 60 comm:. devil in paradise by tlwelker
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comm:. devil in paradise :icontlwelker:tlwelker 182 99
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Chapter 4-X: "Requiem in Samarra"


Amethyst Lashiec laid curled up in the blood-flooded floor of her prison, tears streaming down her face.  Her golden eyes were lost of all luster, instead now were dull and lifeless-- signs of a person who was pushed to the breaking point.  Her seafoam pink hair, usually short cut and wild, rested flat on floor, soaked in the blood.

She knew her father Royce Lashiec was sadistic and self-serving; after all, he had no trouble using her as a sacrifice in pursuit of power (the scars indeed left their mark many years later).  To think he would go this far... casting Dominate Demon on his own flesh and blood, leaving her locked in this mental prison while who knows what-- or perhaps who-- was guiding her body at this moment.  Worse, to get Lutz and Suko involved in their little spat; this was a new low, even for him.  The thought of Suko jolted Amethyst's heart with another painful clench.  He... no, she had hurt Suko, her younger sister.  The only person in Asgar she had any love for, and the only family member who treated her with nothing but kindness.  She had hurt her, almost killed her even.  Royce may have cast Dominate Demon, but it was not his hand that struck the grievous blow at Suko's head; it was Amethyst's.  The sickening crack of her skull and the squelching of the soft matter that lay underneath it...

I am so sorry, Suko, Amethyst thought through a new wave of tears.  I couldn't even protect you from Royce.  I ended up hurting you in his stead.  I'm not fit to be your sister or any relation to you.  This is where I belong now, trapped in my own memories for the rest of my--- Amethyst stopped and lifted her head, gazing down the darkness that greeted her in this tunnel.  She thought she had heard something within the darkness, enough to break away from her thoughts.  Perhaps she had imagined it in her grief?

.... thyst...  It was faint, but Amethyst distinctly heard it this time around.  Slowly she picked up her naked form from the floor and began trying to pinpoint the source of the noise.

Amethyst...  Was it a new memory readying itself to torment her?  That didn't seem right; there was no blinding flash of light to engulf her and lead her down the avenue of memories of a much simpler time.  Not to mention the voice was not one she recognized; was this another effect of Dominate Demon?

Amethyst, there is little time to explain, but I need you to trust me.  Head down the tunnel just a bit further; you will find me there.  We must speak away from prying eyes and ears.  It's time to stop being your father's prisoner once and for all.  The voice was much clearer this time around, much in part of her being more alert.  Maybe this wasn't a trap... or that was what Royce wanted her to believe.

No, Amethyst thought.  It's clear what Royce wants of me.  The memories were the torment he planned, not this.  I don't have much to lose, not after what happened to...  She pushed aside the notion of Suko's fate from her thoughts.  It would do no good to be wrapped up in those thoughts right now.  She began briskly walking down the tunnel, the only light being the red haze of the blood that enveloped the prison constructed from Dominate Demon's effect.  Other than the wet sloshing from the floor with each step Amethyst took, the prison remained fairly silent.

The sight of a door to the right of the tunnel greeted Amethyst after what felt like hours of walking.  Made simply out of some wood Ame could not identity, it stood out uncharacteristically amongst the stone masonry of her mental prison.  Miraculously it managed to remain untarnished with any stains from the blood dripping off the ceiling and hazing throughout the length of the tunnel.  Ame slowly began to reach for the handle, only to pause before her fingers touched the round brass surface.  What if this was another trap by Royce?  Who, or perhaps what, waited for her on the other side?

“Doesn’t matter,” Ame muttered to herself.  “Royce already took everything from me.  I have nothing to lose.”  She grasped the doorknob, surprised at how cool the metal was, and turned it as the door slowly swung open inward.  A wall of grey mist greeted the succubus, swirling and slowly cascading before her like a waterfall.  She was mildly surprised that none of it spilled out to begin mingling with the blood haze of her prison.  Ame slowly reached out to the mist, thinking perhaps that something was obfuscated by its presence, only to grasp nothing but emptiness.

You’re almost there, Amethyst, the voice echoed in her head, having been silent for quite some time.  Just step on through the door.  We will be safe from Royce’s prying eyes.  After all, what Royce doesn’t know won’t hurt himmuch.  The word hung with some weight, as if it was the punchline to some joke Ame’s mysterious speaker knew but wouldn’t divulge.

Here goes nothing, I guess.  With a deep breath, Ame stepped through into the mist and began walking forward, into the vast grey sea of bleakness that greeted her, slowly embracing her.  She felt more naked and vulnerable than how Royce left her in that prison, the sensation of being watched ticking in the back of her mind.  She almost didn’t hear the door behind her softly swing close, the faint click of the latch echoing in the void of mist.  Where was she even to go?

Ame’s bare feet found themselves touching a cool, smooth surface.  She noticed as the mist dispersed to reveal a small study, similar to the one from Castle Asgar.  Black lusterless marble was the floor she now stood upon, with shelves full of books in the back of the study.  Crackling could be heard from the fireplace to her right, the remnants of a once roaring fire still fiercely burning.  Ame looked behind her only to be greeted with the sight of numerous framed paintings lining the back wall.  Each painting depicted macabre and distracting sights; she did not recognize any of the works.  She soon caught herself glancing at a large mirror in between some of the bookshelves across from her; staring back at her was a young naked succubus with golden eyes and seafoam pink hair, looking just as confused as she was feeling right now.

“I was beginning to think you wouldn’t show,” the calm voice of a man spoke.  Ame lightly jumped at how close it was, as her gaze fell upon the voice’s owner, who was sitting in a chair before a round table between her and him.  The man’s wardrobe did not reflect anything she had seen worn before by humans up in the mortal realm.  He was dressed in a black formal jacket with matching pants, the glow of the dying fire reflecting off his brown leather shoes.  A light grey shirt embraced by a mahogany vest could be seen from underneath the suit jacket.  An odd tie could be seen snugly embracing his neck, consisting of two black cords fastened by a small silver skull.  Shortly cropped brown hair streaked with silver crowned the stranger’s head, swept back save for a few strands of his bangs resting on his forehead.  Cold steely eyes bore into Ame with a calm stare; it was if he were staring into her Heartcore.  She never felt such an intense stare from an individual before.  His hands were loosely wrapped in what appeared to be burial cloth, leaving his fingers on both hands exposed.  A dull silver ring with a pale white stone could be seen on his right ring finger.  Leaning on the chair’s arm on his left was a cane, carved of polished dark wood and topped with a silver skull for the handle.

“I can’t believe this,” Ame muttered, “to find myself summoned before a mere---“

The stranger held up one his hands.  “I hate to interrupt your little tirade, but I expect a level of modesty from all my guests.  Being a succubus does not exempt you from the decency that is wearing clothes, given your current state of dress.”  He pointed to something behind Ame.  “I suggest you get dressed first before carrying on.  This should more than suffice for you.”

Ame turned to see a coat hanger she had somehow missed upon entering the room, a simple robe of maroon occupying it.  She managed to keep her the retort she had ready for the stranger from taking surface.  After all he did help out of the prison her father seemed content in keeping her locked in.  Perhaps it was worth listening to what he had to say.  Ame strolled across the black marble floor to the coat hanger, removing the robe and putting it on, surprised at how comfy it was and how snugly it fit, strongly emphasizing her curvaceous physique.  Once dressed she made her way back to the stranger, sitting down in the unoccupied chair across from him on the other side of the table.

“’Out of the frying pan and into the fire’ is how the saying goes, right?”  Ame sneered.  “I thought I’d have found a means of getting out of that little prison Royce set up for me.  Instead I find myself summoned by a mere human.  It’s insulting.”  The stranger chuckled, bemused by her remark and gave a small half smile.  Now he dares to laugh at me.  Arrogant bastard.

“’Mere human,’” the stranger mused, folding his hands together as he rested his chin on them.  “I was warned about your inflated sense of self-importance, Amethyst Lashiec of Asgar, but to experience it firsthand… from a lower lifeform barely high up on the hierarchy, no less… it is mildly amusing, in its own way.”  He noticed the succubus glaring at him at the thought of being called a “lower lifeform” and rested his hands on the table.  “How can I explain this… to something like me, something like you… well, how would you feel if a bacterium sat at your table and began being snarky?”

Something like me.”  The phrase filled Ame with a sense of dread.  Was the stranger truly more than what he was letting on?  She felt the weight of his eyes bearing down upon her as he awaited her response.  Ame was never one afraid to speak her mind, yet she couldn’t help but wonder if tact—a quality she severely lacked, as she had been told on more than on occasion—would be wise here.  Suko always knew how and when to respond appropriately to the situations at hand; what would she do in this situation?

“You come from one plane of existence,” the stranger continued, “a small piece of a system of nine planes all co-existing together in one planet.  A planet part of one solar system, a little segment from one galaxy, a speck of dust in a universe barely in its prime.  All part of a collective multiverse of realities meshed together in one patchwork of creation.”  The stranger leaned forward on the table, his steely gaze locked onto Ame’s eyes; she had to resist the urge to avoid that gaze.  “I am old, Amethyst Lashiec, older than your mind can even begin to comprehend, yet alone understand.  If you insist on projecting this amusing bravado of yours, I advise you to take a moment and contemplate how insignificant I find you in the grand scheme of all things.”

“What an impressive speech,” Ame remarked, keeping the rising snark she wanted to let loose in check.  “Y’know, it’s customary for rescuers to introduce themselves, after all.  You seem to know so much about me but I don’t even know your name.  A tad rude, if I say so myself.”

“A fair point,” the stranger smiled.  “To be honest, I have gone by many names over the eons and I’m afraid I’ve stopped keeping track of them all.  Most people have come to know me as Joseph Blake; it is a name I’m particularly fond of.”  Joseph looked down at himself.  “Though I suppose with a name like that in this form, it does make the transition far easier...”

“Hold up,” Ame interrupted.  Something about the way Joseph said “transition” sent a chill to her Heartcore.  She did not like the implication behind the word.  “’Transition?’  What do you mean by a transition?  Is there something wrong with me?”

“You mean that you’re not…”  Joseph’s brow furrowed as his voice trailed off, his eyes closed in mild concentration.  “Hm… that is interesting.”  His eyes opened back up to stare at a now confused (or perhaps it was worry?) Amethyst sitting before him, waiting for an answer.  He rested his hands on the table and took a deep breath.  “Try this, if you will…

“You are Asgar royalty,” Joseph explained, “daughter of the realm’s late queen, Lilium Lashiec, and its king, Royce Lashiec.  You have grown up living a life of privilege and opulence.  You’ve had it rather easy compared to most, even with the passing of your mother Lilium.

“That is until a few years ago, during that messy affair that was the Beastmen War.  Your father, in an attempt to bring the war to a swift victory, uses his own daughter—that’s you in this situation—to bolster his own phenomenal power at your personal expense.  Something you’re no doubt rather familiar with.”  Joseph pointed to the scars that covered Amethyst.  “Having to live with that reminder every day and being reminded of that night, thus began the ever growing grudge you bear against Royce; the relationship ever growing more antagonistic.  Only a matter of time before that emotional powder keg would explode.”

“Explode it did, I’m afraid,” Ame humorless retorted.  “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be in this situation I’m in: trapped by my father in my own mind, forced to relive memories that I’d rather leave buried.”

“All the more reason this little sordid affair is more concerning,” Joseph replied.  “If you were dead, this would less of a hassle, but since you’re still alive…”  He paused briefly before continuing his train of thought.  “Fast-forward to now: your father has declared you a traitor, offering your title and rank as a reward to anyone who can present to him your Heartcore.  After an unsightly affair with that Slade fellow, you make your escape with both your sister and the castle’s young Gatekeeper in tow.  You do not get far, however, as Daddy Dearest appears before you and decides to punish your ‘treachery.’”  Joseph leaned closer on the table, his steely gaze never faltering as it fell upon Ame’s bewildered gold.  “Now comes the most puzzling question of this little situation.  If you, Amethyst Lashiec, are trapped here, then who—or what—is guiding you out there?”
Heartcore: Requiem in Samarra, Part One (Rough)

A while back in the original run of :icontlwelker:'s webcomic "Heartcore" (highly recommend reading, you can start here), an interesting side story popped up in my head.  What if Ame had an encounter with Death during the time she was under the effects of Dominate Demon?  Being a wayward lost soul, that sort of thing would naturally attract the ol' Grim Reaper's attention; how would that meeting go?  So I started jotting things down and, well, here is the first part of what I hope is to be an interesting and fun little side story.  c:

(I fancied the idea of commissioning :icontlwelker: this as a picture, but remembered she had a backlog of work and didn't want to add to that.  Mayhaps another time if lucky; certainly not now in my current circumstances.  So instead I write, and I hope it's an enjoyable ride for the readers as it is for me writing it.  :))

The title is a nod to the short story "The Appointment in Samarra".

Amethyst Lashiec, "Heartcore", and all its related characters are copyright of :icontlwelker:
Joseph Blake is copyright of me, :iconson-of-orochi:



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To all my bros/followers/friends on here, I just wanted to let you know...

... Merry Christmas, guys.  No, seriously-- you are all awesome, and I thank you for sticking around with me for quite such a time.  It means a lot.  c:

Have a safe happy holidays.
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Tyler M Clark
United States
Current Residence: AZ
Favourite genre of music: metal, classic rock, instrumental, some black/death metal, heavy metal, trailer music, game music
Favourite style of art: digital art, traditional art
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Not very picky; as long as it plays music, I'm fine...
Shell of choice: Koopa shells never fail.
Personal Quote: Anything from Dante's works


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